Foreign-Trade Zone 138

Doing business in FTZ 138 is good for your bottom line

Rated among the top 10 Foreign-Trade Zones in the country, Foreign-Trade Zone 138 (FTZ 138) is headquartered at Rickenbacker Inland Port and helps businesses inside the zone's 25-county Central Ohio service area lower costs and boost profits by deferring, reducing and eliminating customs duties.

Defer. Reduce. Eliminate.

FTZ 138 can help you compete globally enabling you to defer, reduce and eliminate customs duties.


Don't pay your duties at your port of entry. Pay when the product leaves your site.


Potentially reduce duty liability in a manufacturing setting.


Avoid "duty drawback." Eliminate duties on goods you re-export or scrap.

FTZ 138 can help you compete globally

Administered within Rickenbacker Inland Port, FTZ 138 can help your business compete globally and strengthen your supply chain. Visit and contact FTZ 138 Administrator Angie Atwood.

FTZ 138 is #1

For total value of textiles and footwear imported into the U.S. through FTZs in 2015.

Is FTZ 138 right for you?

Find out how operating inside the zone can help you lower costs and boost profits.